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額入り: 寿という獣 「辰」(Framed: "The Beast Known as Kotobuki - Dragon -")



※材料の高騰につき、額価格が変更となりました。 *Due to the rising cost of materials, the price of the frame has changed. (Framed: "The Beast Known as Kotobuki - Dragon -") 額入り: 寿という獣 「辰」 部 数:80部 (作家サイン入り) 画寸法:23.0×23.0 ㎝ 額寸法:39.8 ×39.8 ㎝ 額仕様:約2.0kg、木製、アクリル 版 種:木版画 用 紙:越前生漉奉書(人間国宝 岩野市兵衛) 出版年:2023年12月 監 修:公益財団法人アダチ伝統木版画技術保存財団 制 作:株式会社アダチ版画研究所 寿という獣 「辰」 本作は、江戸時代後期の浮世絵師 遠浪斎重光(えんろうさいしげみつ)の「寿という獣」という作品に着想を得て描かれました。遠浪斎を始め、複数の浮世絵師によって描かれた、「十二支全ての特徴を持つ めでたい生き物」は、feebee氏の制作テーマである「畏怖・生死・循環」に通じるモティーフであると言えます。様々な要素が絡み合いながら、興亡や衰退を繰り返し、循環していく。そして、十二支もその年ごとにメインとなる動物が循環して暦を成していきます。卯年にちなんだ本作は、卯の頭をもち、体には自分の出番を待つ11匹の動物たちが巧みに描き分けられています。

※浮世絵シリーズ「寿という獣」は、2023年12月現在「子」「丑」「寅」「卯」「辰」が完成しており、今後も新作が発表される予定です。 Notice: Pre-order item - Expected delivery in late December. Due to rising material costs, the frame price has been revised. Framed Artwork: "The Beast Known as Kotobuki - Dragon -" Number of Copies: 80 copies (Signed by the artist) Image Size: 23.0×23.0 cm Frame Size: 39.8 × 39.8 cm Frame Specifications: Approximately 2.0 kg, Wooden frame, Acrylic Print Type: Woodblock print Paper: Echizen Washi (Living National Treasure: Iwano Ichibei) Publication Year: December 2023 Supervision: Adachi Foundation for the Preservation of Traditional Woodblock Print Techniques Production: Adachi Hanga Research Institute "The Beast Known as Kotobuki - Dragon -" This work was inspired by the artwork "The Beast Known as Kotobuki" by the ukiyo-e artist Enrōsai Shigemitsu from the late Edo period. Created by multiple ukiyo-e artists, the "auspicious creatures with characteristics of all twelve zodiac signs" resonate with the theme of "awe, life and death, and cycles," which is the motif of the artist Feebee. Various elements intertwine, repeating rise and fall, and cyclically continuing. The twelve zodiac animals also revolve, each taking turns as the main animal for the year in the calendar. This work, named after the year of the Rabbit, features a rabbit's head and skillfully depicts 11 animals waiting for their turn on its body. Note: As of December 2022, the ukiyo-e series "The Beast Known as Kotobuki" has completed "Rat," "Ox," "Tiger," "Rabbit," and "Dragon," with new works planned for the future.